Exam Overview


In 2017 the examination results were some of the best results the school has ever achieved. With a backdrop of new exam courses, a different grading and falling national results the school achieved higher results than the year before. Provisionally, 72% of students achieved grades 9 to 4 in English and Maths. This is the Government’s new standard pass replacing the old A*- C grade. This is higher than the national average of 62% (2016 national figure) and higher than the 68% achieved by the students in 2016. Over half of the students (51%) achieved grades 9 to 5, a strong pass. 19 students in total achieved grades 9-7 in English and Maths and A* or A in all their other subjects.

Our progress 8 score is not yet available as it is dependent upon national figures, however last year it stood at -0.07 (in line with expectations) and we expect it to be positive this year. Our attainment 8 score is 49.0.

We are really pleased with the outcomes the school achieved last year, this is particularly pleasing in light of the changes to the examination system that has taken place over the last two years. This demonstrates how well the students and staff have managed the changes.

A Level

Our A level results were also improved on last year. This reflected hard work and dedication of the students and staff especially as we experienced the first wave of linear A levels.  Students achieved an average point score of 31.93 placing our average grade at C+. 42% achieved A*-B grades and 69% achieved A*-C grades. We had a 98% pass rate overall and a 99% retention rate of KS5 students. Most of our students went to their first or second choice universities and we had another student achieve a place at Manchester University to study Physics with Professor Brian Cox and one student achieved their place to study medicine at Liverpool University. Other students have gone onto apprenticeships in a range of careers. 

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