General Information

Monk's Walk School is a convertor academy. The trustees are directors of the company and are responsible for setting and maintaining the ethos and strategic direction of the school. In so doing they act as critical friends of the school, enabling the school to provide each and every student with the opportunity to achieve their full potential within a safe and secure environment, ultimately to support the achievement of ‘Excellence for All’.

The Trustees work in partnership with the Headteacher and other school staff to promote high standards of educational achievement at the school. They help decide how the school should develop in order to maintain and improve its standards of education, and approve the broad policies, plans and procedures which will support that development.

Monk’s Walk School Trustees meet regularly and are responsible for liaising with senior members of staff and reporting back to the Board of Trustees on specific areas of the school and education. Each Trustee is linked to a member of staff or department to help build a relationship with school personnel and gain knowledge of how the school works.

We work hard to ensure that the decisions made create the most favourable conditions:

  • For learning to flourish
  • To ensure the good use of money
  • For a safe secure and pleasant environment to learn / work in
  • To promote sound organisation
  • To recruit and retain excellent staff
  • To adopt and implement policies which are fair, and which encourage good student behaviour, motivate staff and students, and for everyone to achieve their potential. 

Board of Trustees:

  • Carole Pomfret - Chair of the Board of Trustees
  • Elizabeth Eksteen - Joint Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees
  • Zoe Wright - Joint Vice-Chair of the Board of Trustees
  • Alexis Cheshire - Chair of Resources Committee
  • Beverley Bevan
  • Amber Cook
  • Adam Lancaster
  • Alex Felthouse
  • Sally Mileson
  • Alexander Paterson
  • Alan (Richard) Tucker
  • Kathleen Smith - Headteacher
  • Colleen Stewart
  • Clive Wilson
  • Katherine Woodhead

Clerk to the Board of Trustees - Carolyn Choudhry

Correspondence to the Chair of the Board of Trustees should be clearly addressed, c/o Monk's Walk School.

Meeting dates for 2018-19 are as follows:

24th September (AGM)

19th November

28th January

18th March

13th May

15th June (Conference)

1st July

6.30-8.00pm unless otherwise stated

The Resources Committee meets for 1 hour prior to every meeting.  Additionally, a small group of Trustees will meet on Tuesday 29th November to conduct an appraisal of the headteacher and a further group will meet on Wednesday 7th December to ratify staff pay recommendations following the appraisal process.

Academy Trust Governance Arrangements

Trustees' Details and Register of Interests

Trustees' Code of Conduct 2017-18

To find out more about the role of Governors (Trustees): SGOSS

Upcoming Events

19 Oct

World Challenge Training - Snowdonia

19 October, 2018 – 21 October, 2018
22 Oct

Oxbridge information Evening

7:00pm - 8:00pm
23 Oct

International School of the Hague Orchestra Visit

All Day
25 Oct

Parent Forum - E-Safety and Online Gaming