Monk's Walk House Events

We have had a number of House events since March and these have had a dramatic influence on the current standings.

Wednesday 21st March, saw the return of the House Trampoline Competition. This had extremely high rates of participation, with 40 students competing and saw many parents come to support their children in what turned out to be an excellent competition. The judges of Mr Casley, Miss Ashman, Caitlin Stanbrook, Robyn Turnbull and chief adjudicator Mr Dodson had a difficult job on their hands to separate the winners due to the high standard seen. The final results were as follows:

1st Durrell

2nd Carson

3rd Kroto

4th Bell


In the individual categories we saw the following win:

Winning Beginner: Harry Kingham (Kroto)

Winning Intermediate: Autumn Elliott (Durrell)

Winning Advanced: Sophie Guest (Bell)

Winning Elite: Toby Owen (Bell)

Best Presentation: Lily Scully (Durrell)

Commitment to the Club: Finn Portalksi (Kroto)

Most Improved: Hayley Somerset (Durrell)

New Skill Award: Illia Wiseman (Carson)


The always well attended Rock the House (House Music Final) was on Wednesday 28th March. This was an excellent event which saw many of our students giving amazing performances that really show cased the talent of our school.  

Our excellent panel of judges of Mr Phil Dodson, Mrs Colleen Stewart and Mr Nick Haynes came up the following winners:

Best Year 7 House song: KK (Carson)

Rising Stars: James Maskerey (Carson)

Shining Stars: Eve-Mary Adesina (Carson)

Solos: (Joint winners) Jasmine Hawley (Kroto) & Bethan Athill (Kroto)

Instrumental: Alfred Gubby (Kroto)

Bands: It was shared between “Take the Stairs” Isaac Ashfield (Bell), Josef Clare (Bell), Nick Frangoudi (Kroto) & Archie Castle-Owen (Carson) & The group containing Ella Brown (Carson), Stephen Mathes (Bell), Katherine Catchpole (Kroto) & Tom Wainwright (Bell).

Taking participants into the equation the final standings were:

1. Kroto

2. Bell

3, Carson

4. Durrell

Then there is House Football, run by Mr Gillon and refereed by Mr Giblin, provided great participation and also draws a number of spectators. In this event we had the largest number of participants for any house event and saw a rise in the girl’s participation rate, especially lower down in the school. This is absolutely brilliant to see and has really given the house system a massive boost.

The results of this event are as follows:

Year 7 Boys - 1st Carson, 2nd Durrell, 3rd Bell, 4th Kroto

Year 7 Girls - 1st Durrell, 2nd Bell, 3rd Kroto, 4th Carson


Year 8 Boys - 1st Bell & Carson, 3rd Durrell, 4th Kroto

Year 8 Girls - 1st Durrell, 2nd Bell, 3rd Kroto, 4th Carson


Year 9 Boys - 1st Durrell & Kroto, 3rd Carson, 4th Bell

Year 9 Girls - 1st Kroto, 2nd Bell & Carson, 4th Durrell


Year 10 Boys - 1st Carson, 2nd Bell, 3rd Kroto, 4th Durrell

Year 10 Girls - 1st Bell, 2nd Carson, 3rd Durrell, 4th Kroto


Year 11 Boys - 1st Kroto, 2nd Bell & Carson, 4th Durrell


Final standings:

Bell 26 points

Carson 25 points

Durrell 22 points

Kroto 21 points


These competitions have had a huge impact on the latest House scoreboard which currently stands at: 

1st Kroto 77

2nd Carson 63

3rd Durrell 62

4th Bell 56


The margins are slim and the upcoming events of Art competition, Rounders, Tennis and, of course, the highly anticipated sports day will mean it’s all to play for in the summer term.

Upcoming Events

17 Jan

Parent Forum

24 Jan

Year 11 Consultation Evening

4:00pm - 7:00pm
01 Feb

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All Day
07 Feb

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