Health and Safety: Medication to Students

It is important for us to advise you that we are not able to accept the responsibility of administering medication to students; however qualified first aid staff will supervise pupils, unless a prior arrangement has been made in writing to the Admin Office.

If your child requires regular medication, where possible, please administer it at home. However, if your child will need this medication at school, it must be handed to the Admin Office together with written details of the dose, frequency and any other information.  Should your child require medication during the school day, they should attend to the student window either at break or lunchtime.  To minimise disruption to learning, they should not come out of lessons.

All medication, including painkillers for headaches, period pains etc is covered by this new requirement. If, however, your child suffers from asthma and needs to carry an inhaler at all times, please tell us. Medicine containing Aspirin is not suitable for under 16s unless prescribed by a doctor.


If your child is seen by a first aid member of staff, you will receive a note giving a brief explanation of the reason and the first aid treatment given, if any, so that you may discuss this with them.

Lost Property

We understand how upsetting it can be (particularly for younger students) to mislay their belongings. To help us re-unite students with their lost property, please ensure that all items are named.

Items brought in/messages for students

We will try to get items brought in, and emergency messages only, delivered to students. We always do our very best but please be advised that this may not always be possible. Every classroom interruption is a disruption to learning. Your understanding is much appreciated.

Telephone Calls

Unfortunately, the school office isn't able to make telephone calls on behalf of students. 

New Contact Details

  • Moved house?
  • Changed telephone number?
  • New mobile?

If so, please let the office know; we may need to contact you in the event of an emergency so it is important that our records are kept up-to-date. Thank you.

Is my child’s personal property insured at school?

Please read document below for full details.

Students' personal property insurance

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