The aims of the Monk’s Walk School Behaviour for Learning Policy are:

  • To maintain a safe environment in which each student’s behaviour is conducive to effective learning and to achieving their full potential.
  • To encourage personal standards which prepare students for a positive contribution to society in their adult lives.



Like all of us, students work best when they have clear structures and guidelines which they understand. The Monk’s Walk Behaviour for Learning Policy is based on:

  • Clearly defined expectations for all students.
  • An emphasis on recognising, celebrating and rewarding progress and achievement using a staged and structured approach.
  • Clearly defined consequences for not meeting the school’s expectations, using a controlled, staged set of sanctions.
  • On-going training for all staff in classroom management strategies.


Our Expectations

Students are expected to conform to these five rules in the classroom and at all times while at school:

  • Arrive on time, with everything you need to work.
  • Listen in silence to your teacher and other students.
  • Put up your hand when you need attention.
  • Follow instructions immediately and without argument.
  • Keep hands, feet, objects and inappropriate comments to yourself.


From September 2017, we will be using a rewards and consequences ladder to reinforce these expectations in a staged, consistent manner. These will be displayed in classrooms, the student planner and can be accessed by clicking the links below.


Rewards Grid

Consequences Grid



Please see ‘About us’, ‘Policies’, ‘Behaviour for Learning’ for the school Behaviour for Learning Policy.

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