We will publish the latest department for education advice in regard to the coronavirus outbreak here together with any advice relating specifically to our school.

School Status

The school is currently open for all students.

Latest Guidance

We continue to maintain a plan for minimising the risks within the school, the latest version of which is below.

Coronavirus risk assessment - Updated for DECEMBER 2021

We have also published details of the ways in which we're using extra funding to support Pupil Premium students:

covid catch-up spending plan




We are providing test kits free of charge to students. We recommend that these are taken twice a week on Sunday and Wednesday evenings.

When you take your test, please log the test result on the NHS website and also through our internal logging form at:

MWS test logging form

In the event your household has been advised to self-isolate, please ring the school office on 01707 322846 as soon as possible and advise us of the situation.

Government Updates

The most recent government advice on coronavirus can be found at the following link:

coronavirus page

The Department for Education has also released advice for schools and for parents and students at the following link:

coronavirus department for education page

You can also follow the Department for Education on social media for alerts and updates:

How we keep each other safe

Wash Hands

Wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds in hot, soapy water

Cover Face

Wear a face covering in enclosed spaces

Make Space

Stay at least 2 metres apart - or 1 metre with a face covering or other precautions

We currently require students and staff to wear a face covering while in school buildings, except during lessons. Please ensure your child brings a face covering with them in the morning and they understand the importance of wearing it and how to take proper care of it when they are not wearing it.

We have implemented student bubbles, one way systems, staggered breaks and we are using external doors to access classrooms wherever possible.


The latest communications from the school to Parents and Families can be found on our letters page here.

We have published some contingency plans in case of school closure, which are detailed in a letter sent out to parents which can be found here.

Please refer to the information sent home in our recent updates on how to access work set by teachers from home. In addition a list of specific online resources which can be found on the link below can be used, this is particularly useful for students who are self-isolating. Online resources can be found here.

School closure arrangements for safeguarding and child protection can be found here. Our safeguarding protocols for delivering online content using Microsoft Teams can be found here.

Remote Learning

Details of our remote learning plans can be found here.

Trips and Visits

All trips and visits will be subject to the guidance issued by the Department for Education and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

When a trip is cancelled due to Covid 19, parents and carers will receive a full refund for any monies paid. The school needs to liaise with the Department for Education, tour operators and insurance company to recover the money due.

For parents to receive refunds for the cancelled trips please email with bank account number, sort code, name of student and reference to the trip they were attending.

If we need to cancel a trip that has already been planned, we will send a letter home to all affected parents to notify them and publicise the cancellation on social media.