Careers Guidance Access Policy

At Monk's Walk we believe in preparing our students for a rewarding future. To this end we run a number of work placement programmes, and also make use of some very effective resources to help students make the best choices when building the foundations of their life.

Work Placements

Students have the chance go on a variety of work placements. In year 9 they are given a day to shadow a parent, relative or family friend for the day, experiencing their working routine. In year 10 they go for a week's private placement with a local company.

private placement form

Work shadowing consent form


The universal destinations platform - Unifrog helps students compare every university course, every apprenticeship, and Further Education courses - then apply successfully.

They also empower teachers and counselors to manage the progression process effectively.

Unifrog Login page

Unifrog setting up an account

Hetrfordshire Opportunities Portal

Powered by Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, students, employers, residents wishing to upskill, are now able to HOP into all the resources they need to make informed career decisions and build a future talent pipeline.

HOP is the premier gateway in Hertfordshire to find out about:

  • career path options
  • employment opportunities
  • apprenticeships and work experience
  • skills development and professional qualification programmes.

Click the logo below to visit the site:

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