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Exam Overview


In 2019 the examination results were yet again some of the best results the school has ever achieved. 

At GCSE, attainment 8 is a really important measure because it tells you how well students performed across 8 subjects, including English and Maths. We saw an improvement in our attainment 8 figure again this year, 52.7, as you can see this is well above national (46.7). With the strong performance across 8 subjects our performance 8 measure is a positive 0.09. It is also important to note that we are 5% above national for the proportion of top grades awarded.

The basics measure is the percentage of students achieving Level 4 (standard) or 5 (strong) in both English and Maths. 76% of students achieved basics standard (national 65%) and 47% basics strong (national 43%). 

99% of Year 11 students have remained in education or employment with training.

GCSE Results 2019

A Level

We were really pleased with our A Level results as we have been focussing on the sixth form.

At A Level, it’s important to look at the APS per entry as this gives more of an idea of the quality of grades in general.  Ours increased significantly this year (34.5) and as you can see is comfortably above national (32.12).

A Level Results 2019


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@MonksWalkSch - 10 May
Caitlin Wornham was part of the Keysoe Riding club team at the winter national champs recently and we are pleased to announce they were the champions! Well done Caitlin and everyone else involved with the team!
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WGC Central Library
- 5 May
Need somewhere to sit and study, with the best views in ?* Space is available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Free WiFi is available all day. *we may be a little biased 😉
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Mid Herts Centre for Music & Arts
- 5 May
A great opportunity to play and learn about Jazz with special guests from as well ps. Singers welcome too 😊
@MonksWalkSch - 3 May
Thanks for letting us know - I've forwarded this on to our Heads of Year to drop a reminder into an assembly in the near future about littering. Hopefully it wasn't any of ours anyway though!
@MonksWalkSch - 3 May
We have recently planted a tree in as part of the Queen's platinum jubilee "Queen's Green Canopy" planting drive this year. It's a lovely field maple and it will be visible to anyone driving down to the lower car park or the swimming pool area.
@MonksWalkSch - 29 Apr
On 12th May we'll be holding our annual DT Exhibition. We'd love for you to come and see the ifne work our students have been doing. Details in the poster below.
@MonksWalkSch - 20 Apr
Link for the hoodies:
@MonksWalkSch - 20 Apr
Hurry up to get your Leavers books and hoodies ordered!
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WGC Central Library
- 19 Aug
Looking for somewhere quiet to study with free WiFi? Head up our spiral staircase to our study area & check it out Spaces are available all day, 9-7 (Mon-Fri), 10-5 (Sat) & 1-5 (Sun), on a first come first served basis
@MonksWalkSch - 2 Jun
I think we've got bookings coming in now for next week - if you're a hirer you need to contact the school ( to book, if you're an end user please contact whoever runs the course you attend to find out details of when you can get back in the water
@MonksWalkSch - 5 May
Hi. We're just sorting out the last few items now before we can reopen it. It's been a big job! We'll be contacting hirers directly to organise restarting classes and courses soon.
@MonksWalkSch - 30 Apr
Looks like the link between our Facebook and Twitter accounts has broken again! We'll get it fixed asap but please check the Facebook page for several important bits and bobs that never made it into tweet form:
@MonksWalkSch - 13 Apr
Our latest bottle recycling totals are below. Well done Durrell on an impressive lead with only 1 term to go. Our site team tell me they're still seeing plenty of bottles mixed in with the normal rubbish though so please put your bottles into the house bottle recycling bins.
@MonksWalkSch - 13 Apr
To celebrate National Siblings Day, we asked students who they thought the best siblings in fiction were. These are our top choices! Have you read any, do you have any other particular favourites that you'd like to make the list?
@MonksWalkSch - 9 Apr
Dear parents and carers I hope you are enjoying your break if you are managing to have one. Please see our Facebook page for an update on face masks when we return to school next week. Kate Smith
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Monk'sWalkPE 💙
- 8 Apr
BREAKING NEWS: Cait has won Cait will once again represented in the National Championships in the summer. Cait will compete again on Friday in the grassroots competition on her young pony
@MonksWalkSch - 19 Mar
Some interesting and worthwhile Easter holiday activities for your enjoyment in Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield
@MonksWalkSch - 9 Mar
Here it is - our lockdown cover of Pompeii. If you like it please make sure you retweet it, the students and staff who made it would love to hear that it's been watched by as many people as possible.
@MonksWalkSch - 9 Mar
our school just released our lockdown cover of Pompeii - 40 staff and students collaborating online - a quick like or retweet would really mean the world to them!
@MonksWalkSch - 8 Mar
Dear parents and carers We've had a brilliant start today. The students look wonderful in their uniforms and are clearly ready to learn. Almost all (!) of the students I have spoken to have told me that they are pleased to be back in school. A major th…