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Aims and Mission

At Monk’s Walk, we want to prepare students for life beyond school, in what is a rapidly changing society. We do this by helping them to develop their MONKS Character Habits which are based on the Hertfordshire Skills Framework for Employability. Through our guidance students learn how to motivate themselves to take up any opportunities made available to them. We encourage them to become notable through their positive actions in and outside the classroom as well as always showing kindness, courtesy and respect in our varied and diverse school community. They will achieve this by learning how to self-regulate to become co-operative, resilient and well-rounded young people who are looking to add value to their wider community.

Monks character habit badge

This means that at Monk’s Walk School WE ARE…

· Motivated, able to prioritise and be proactive

· Opportunity taking, ambitious and adaptable

· Notable, confident and team players

· Kind, show respect and have good manners

· Self-regulated, co-operative, resilient & safe