Educational Values

We recognise that education is about much more than learning how to perform mathematical calculations, conjugate verbs, recount historical events or identify chemical reactions. We pride ourselves on giving our students a well rounded education that prepares them fully for the challenges they will face after they leave us.

To that end we provide a full social, moral, spiritual and cultural education, to enable them to reflect on their beliefs and those of others; understand moral and ethical issues and recognise the difference between right and wrong; engage with society with respect and tolerance; and appreciate the diversity and strength of British culture.

We also recognise that the school plays an important part, alongside parents, in giving students an understanding of healthy relationships and good sexual health. We have embedded opportunities for learning into the curriculum, as listed in the document below.

The documents below provide further details of how we accomplish this:

British Values

Relationships, Sex and Health Education

Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Provision