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Each week your child will receive ‘preparation for learning’ (prep) tasks. It will be expected that these tasks will be completed in the students’ own time in preparation for the next lesson. It will either consolidate learning made, so that that learning can be built on in future lessons, or prepare for future learning, for example through pre-reading or research. We have found that this approach enhances student motivation, engagement and progress.

The purpose of preparation for learning is to provide the students with:

  • The skills for learning
  • Greater opportunities to develop independent thinking
  • A greater responsibility for their own learning
  • Enhanced levels of progress in each lesson and across series of lessons

How will preparation for learning work?

  • Your child will be set a preparation for learning task in each subject using Teams and will be visible to parents on EduLink
  • This task will need to be completed by the set date
  • The teacher will give your child a time limit that the task is to be completed in
  • Try to ensure that your child sticks to these timings so they spend the appropriate amount of time on the task
  • The learning that your child does in the preparation for learning task will be used in the next lesson. Your child will need to ensure it is completed by the deadline given and bring that work with them to the appropriate lesson
  • In the lesson, your child will use the piece of work as part of their learning
  • A standing item of Prep you can help your child with is for students to review and reflect on the work in the day’s lesson by consolidating notes or redrafting written work and extending their understanding.