Psychology (KS5)


The Psychology curriculum contributes to student’s education by providing pupils with a broad and actionable education, applicable to a variety of career paths. The Psychology curriculum aims to equip students with the appropriate knowledge and skills needed to be able to understand and explain the causes of human behaviour and the impact of this behaviour on wider society. There is a clear progression between years to ensure that all pupils develop knowledge of psychological principles, so they can think analytically and reach logical conclusions based on scientific evidence. 

Mrs J Munoz - Head of Psychology

What is it like to study Psychology at Monk's Walk School?

Psychology aims to develop students understanding of human behaviour and why we do the things we do. It provides an engaging and effective introduction to the different approaches and methods related to the core areas of psychology.

Studying psychology will allow pupils to better understand how to conduct research and improve their critical thinking to allow them to explain, compare and analyse different psychological concepts and theories, as well as develop critical and evaluative skills.

How is Psychology assessed?

The A Level is assessed at the end of the two-year course with three 2-hour exams worth 96 marks each. The assessment will use a mixture of questing styles such as multiple choice, short answer, and extended response questions. The questions will allow students to draw together their skills, knowledge and understanding from across the full course of study.

The Curriculum

In year one, students will study a range of topics including memory, attachment, social psychology, psychopathology and approaches in psychology. In year two, pupils will learn biological psychology, Issues and debates in psychology, gender, schizophrenia and aggression. Alongside these topics, throughout the two years pupils will study research methods, including types of experiment, scientific processes and techniques of data handling and analysis, and inferential statistics which is embedded in all 3 of the papers.

Subject Overviews

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