New C Block

We're building a whole new school building, with work starting in early 2019 and a provisional opening date of September 2020.

We have secured funding for the building itself, but filling it with all the items that make education possible, from chairs, desks, and bookcases to computer equipment to things like clocks, noticeboards and window blinds is up to us.

For some examples, here are just a small selection of the items we'll need and the costs involved in bringing them in:

Item We need Approximate Cost
Teachers Desk 12 £85 each
Filing Cabinet 12 £85 each
Art Project Tables 16 £459 each
IT Suites 2 £15,000 each
Projectors 12 £300 each
Storage Units 20 £106 each
Student Desks 100 £40 each
Chairs 200 £10 each
Whiteboards 12 £100 each
Notice Boards 12 £40 each
Clocks 12 £12 each
Window Blinds 50 £100 each
Book Shelves 12 £160 each

We need your help to get us to our target so that we can open the new building ready to provide our students with a top quality educational experience.

There are several ways to help us. You can:

Do your shopping through our Easyfundraising link. Just by doing your normal online shopping through our link the online stores will donate a percentage of your spend directly to the school.

Get involved with PTFA events, and get your friends along too! These events are crucial in raising money for school equipment for our existing and future facilities.

Donate directly by contacting our Finance Department.