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Tutor Team

Please use the contact details below if you:

  • Have a specific enquiry about your child – contact the form tutor initially
  • Have a specific enquiry for the Head or Deputy Head of Sixth
  • Have a general enquiry about the Sixth Form – Contact our Sixth Form Student Support Officers

Leadership Team

Head of Sixth - Matt Haseler

Deputy Head of Sixth - Bethan McKenna

Year 12 Form Tutors

J1 - Hitan Shah

J2 - Gary Moore and Joe Wodcke

J3 - Louise Hartley

J4 - Jennifer Rotchell

J5 - Josephine Rochford

J6 - Amanda Rayment and Rachel Crooks

Year 13 Form Tutors

H1 - Mark Brandon

H2 - Clare Magee and Natasha Perry

H3 - Steven Frow

H4 - Jackie Munoz and Joe Wodcke

H5 - Andy Probert

Support Team

Our Sixth Form Student Support Officers are here to help you. Please contact Mrs J Murray and Mrs A Lilly by telephoning 01707 322846 (Ext 305/306) or email