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'The science curriculum offers students the opportunity to build a solid foundation in both practical and theoretical aspects of science.  The aim is to provide students with a key understanding of the science that underpins the universe, our world, and its phenomena.  Students develop these skills through enquiry, questioning and an application of the scientific method.  Students learning will develop through each key stage, revisiting key concepts and as the curriculum progresses more scientific detail is added. Our aim is to allow students to flourish with a questioning scientific mind and practical skills to succeed in their chosen career path.'

Mrs G Hazon - Head of Science


What is it like to study Science at Monk’s Walk School?

Throughout Key Stages 3, 4 and 5 the Monk’s Walk School Science department develops students’ scientific knowledge and understanding of key concepts across a broad curriculum of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Learning throughout each key stage is carefully sequenced to enable students to build on existing knowledge, deepen their understanding of scientific processes and develop their skills as practical scientists.


How is Science Assessed?

Students complete a wide variety of formative and summative assessments across all key stages. At KS3, students sit a formative and summative assessment once every half term and are given feedback on the progress they have made towards their pathways. At KS4 and 5 summative assessments have been written to help students practice their exam technique and prepare for their GCSE and A-Level exams. As well as this, students will have one piece of feedback in their books every 4 lessons. Feedback will come in many forms including self-assessment, verbal feedback and peer assessment.





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