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Our Maths curriculum is aimed at enabling all students to have a good understanding of the maths that is around them and for them to develop a passion for the subject.

Students will be confident in applying numeracy and mathematical skills in everyday life and recognising the links to other curriculums. Students will develop their ability to approach tasks logically and systematically, persevering when they are challenged.

Mrs Uppal - Head of Maths

What is it like to study Maths and Monk's Walk School?

In the Maths classrooms we practice mathematical principles based on the six strands; Algebra, Number, Ratio & Proportion, Geometry, Probability and Statistics. Studies of the topics are interleaved with real-life projects, providing students with experience of applying the topics studied in the classroom.

In studying the topics great emphasis is placed on understanding and applying the mathematical vocabulary, and linking various topics to solve problems.

How is Maths Assessed?

Students are assessed on their classwork, verbal contribution in class, prep and formal summative assessments at key stages 3, 4 and 5.

Feedback is given regularly and may take lots of different forms including written comments from teachers, self-assessment, peer assessment, 1-1 verbal targets and whole class targets. Students respond to feedback in green pen and need to be able to demonstrate where they have done this in their work.

At KS3, formal assessments take place on a termly basis. The topics covered in the assessments are shared with students on Show-My-Homework, with links to revision resources.

At KS4, formal assessments are on a termly basis. Assessments are in the form of AQA exam questions covering the topics learned in that term. Mock exams also take place in Year 10 and twice in Year 11.

At KS5, formal assessments are on a termly basis. There are mock exams held in Year 12 and Year 13.